USA Phonebreak

Comprehensive Locator Report


The National Comprehensive Report contains most recent reported addresses, any alias used, phone number (when available). The report will also include, when available, current address information from consumer reporting agencies, historical address information, date of birth, information related to social security numbers, driver licenses, etc. Plus information from extensive national and state databases for a summary of assets, driver licenses, professional licenses, real properties, vehicles, etc. In addition we will provide, when available, the names of an individual’s relatives, other people who have used the individual’s address(es), neighbors with listed phone numbers, as well as spouses in Florida and Texas.

Searches will be returned VIA e-mail within 3-5 days (normally the same business day) Guarantee: No Information – No Charge*

To begin, please enter as much information as you have about the person we will be investigating:

    Street Address, City State and Zip